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Digital Orchestration

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One of the best ways to practice any type of ensemble music is to play along with other musicians or a teacher. For practical reasons, much of the time this is not possible. Kanon Editions Playing Partners Download files and CDs offer a solution to this problem.

Many of our editions have free download files or CDs allowing the soloist to practice and "play-along". Typically, each of the download files will have one of the instrumental parts missing.

You will find the download files links on the details page of any of the editions.

Please note Kanon Editions is gradually phasing out CDs and will be making all Playing Partners files available for free download. Our catalogues are always expanding with several editions currently in preparation.

How to use the download files?

The download files are all mp3s rendered at 192kbps - this will give good audio quality similar to a CD.
To download the mp3 files right click and save the file to an audio folder e.g "my music" on your computer's hard drive. Note, some computers may have different ways of downloading mp3s.
For best results you should now "burn" the file onto a CD, or transfer to an ipod or other audio system.

If you experience difficulties ask a twelve year old or contact Kanon Editions.

            Playing Partners