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Baroque Explorations       David Watson       Baroque Explorations      David Watson       Baroque Explorations       David Watson


Baroque Explorations
David Watson
CD KM097

The thirteen tracks on this CD cover a wide range of Baroque music. Some are straightforward transcriptions for a variety of instruments and others are jazz-style arrangements with some improvised passages mixed with the original parts.

You can download the Artwork and liner notes by clicking here.

You can listen to samples of the tracks by clicking on the players below.

Tracks: Listen and Download     Format:High Quality mp3 (320kbps)

To purchase a track click on the buy now button.
Tracks can be purchased individually or you can download the whole album for £10
To download the complete album for £10 click the Buy Now button.  

Or select individual tracks below.

Handel Concerto 1st Movement  Time 05:56  Download Price £0.89


Handel Concerto 2nd Movement  Time 04:24  Download Price £0.89


Handel Concerto 3rd Movement  Time 02:42  Download Price £0.89


Tu Ch'ai Le Penne, Amore  Time 02:29  Download Price £0.89


Buxtehude Pasacaglia  Time 06:33  Download Price £0.89


Bach Invention No.4  Time 02:06  Download Price £0.89


Bach Inventions 1/13  Time 02:28  Download Price £0.89


Vivaldi Violin Concerto Largo  Time 04:57  Download Price £0.89


Schutz Introitus  Time 04:22  Download Price £0.89


Albinoni Adagio  Time 04:25  Download Price £0.89


Corelli Christmas Concerto Allegro  Time 02:41  Download Price £0.89


Bach Fugue in Gm (little)  Time 03:52  Download Price £0.89


Bach Fugue Gm (Great)  Time 05:47  Download Price £0.89



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